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Jordanna Sheermohamed began Weather Forecast Solutions, LLC as a meteorological consultant for the financial industries. How would the hurricane season affect next year’s orange juice futures and options?  What was the likelihood that the price of wheat would increase due to an Australian drought?


Long-term trend forecasts segued into marine operations for military research and operations vessels, private yachts, shore-side business forecasts, and research opportunities.

After several years of teaching science classes in higher education, Jordanna also began to serve as a public science liaison by education the public on weather and climate worthy topics, to all age groups, in order to assist in educating the masses. “This is not about who did what and when. It's about what's happening right now, and possibly tomorrow. Let’s put the blame to bed and figure out the future’s adaptation plan”.

Jordanna completed a M.S. at Florida State University with an emphasis on Tropical Weather, and obtained her B.Sc. in Meteorology from the Florida State University, with a minor in math and physics.





Justin Balbierer has been a senior weather forecaster with Weather Forecast Solutions since 2013 and more recently, the Director of Operations.

His background spans the science of meteorology in many different industries including emergency management, aviation weather support for one of the largest commercial airlines in the world, and naval support for U.S. military installations. Justin's experience also extends to the classroom where he has taught earth-space science as well as other high school courses.


When it comes to weather, Justin is passionate. "What I love about the field is there are no absolute answers, which makes it challenging. It forces you – as a forecaster – to think outside the box."


Justin completed a B.Sc. in Meteorology at Florida State University with a minor in Mathematics. Justin has also completed a M.Sc. in Business Administration at American Sentinel University.


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We provide global detailed weather and climatological forecasts, all tailored to specific client needs.


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